Kiska Textiles is a pseudonym for Beth Poulter. It’s tailored, elegant, free-spirited; cooks up a storm, runs with the pack, and sings like a bird.  We are based in Toronto, Canada where everything is made with love — not by Beth — but by her very talented and very patient workroom. Kiska Textiles has a magician in Jaipur who is whiz bang with wood blocks and works his wonders with our cottons, silks and linens.

Our inspiration comes in many forms; the legendary Shanghai Art-Deco period, the fine details of a Frida Kahlo painting, Mexican Folk Art and the gorgeous layering of patterns within a Japanese Ukiyo-e print, to name but a few (even the detailed ingredients of an Ottolenghi recipe, with its textures, vibrant colours and flavours can throw Beth into a creative frenzy!!)

It's all about the mixing and layering effect of our many different patterns and colours. Our designs are controlled, contemporary, and not at all flowery. The metallic elements of goldand silver add the sparkle and shine or as we like to call it....the  jewelry!! Seriously appealing to any raven instinct!

Kiska Textiles has been producing textiles for bedding and apparel since 2010.

And how about this, in 2010, during his visit to Toronto, Kiska Textiles was given the honour of designing the bed and meditation bed for His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

(Beth had lunch with him. He was awesome!! )